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PINGPONG stands for a new generation of fresh and melodic house music from Europe. They just started 2012 but played already on huge Dance Festivals like Sputnik Springbreak, AirBeat One, SonneMondSterne and a lot more. Their music is a harmonic dream, dope for the floor and perfect for every moment in life! These guys produced tracks together with Kyau & Albert, Purple Disco Machine, White Apple Tree, Abby, Lucia, Fran and Lexer. Also Beatport loves them and listed PINGPONG songs & remixes in their Top 100 and on the category “10 Must Hear Tracks Of The Week“. DJs like Tiesto, Kyau & Albert, Stefan Biniak, Tube & Berger, Sascha Braemer were playing PINGPONG tracks in their sets and music & lifestyle magazines wrote reviews about the releases.

Their Motto:

Why do you listen to house music?

Why do the people raise their hands up in the air?

Why does nobody need to take drugs?

Why does the music play so loud?

Why do the lights go crazy?

Why is the crowd so happy?

Why do the guys shout their heads off?

Why does nobody want to go home?

That’s why we play house music!



Track 1:
White Apple Tree – Snowflakes (pingpong radio edit)

Length: 3:41 min

Track 2:
White Apple Tree – Snowflakes (pingpong remix)

Length: 7:52 min



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